Hi there.

Let me tell you a bit about what this is.

My name is Charles “Chazz” Foxwell. I have been repairing, modifying, customizing and designing electronics in some capacity for almost 15 years. I am, now that my third decade of life is upon me, in school for Electronics Engineering. It may seem odd that I’d be doing this at this stage of my life, but that’s how it is.

I started Kitsune Systems as a means to offer companies and corporations custom-designed electronics and system installations to suit their needs.

That got boring quickly.

I had some large clients on the line, and began working on designing prototype systems for them, but the process of proposals and meetings was emotionally draining. I work full-time and have a family, and Kitsune is a side project in addition to school and work. Being engineering-minded I liked the actual work, but the corporate world wasn’t what I expected it would be. Sales is, after all, not my forte.

Then a friend of mine, Thom at Nappin’ Kraken Crafts approached me with a prototype request. What he was doing was something that I’d never done before, and even though there were hiccups in the production of the system, it was absolutely fun. The final product, a Legend of Zelda themed keepsake box with music and lighting, was simple, compact, and entirely entertaining.

This is the work I want to do, and this is the focus of Kitsune Systems going forward: to help artists and small designers fully realize their ideas and designs to the best of my ability.

With a wearable “fog” machine for costumes in the works, the Zelda Music Box in production, and a nearly maintenance free DDR arcade sensor on the go, you can expect this site to be updated regularly with videos and pictures of work on the go, and the tired caffeine-induced ramblings of a father just trying to make the world a little more fun, one piece of electronics at a time.

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