Zelda Music Box

Videos of the WIP circuit are contained within, and a video of the completed project will follow.

The first project developed with Nappin’ Kraken: the Zelda Music Box!

The initial request was to light up and play the fanfare music from Zelda. This was something I had never done, since all multimedia projects I’d done before this had involved a full OS, which was clearly well beyond the size restrictions of the device. So instead, I approached this from a microcontroller standpoint.

While powerful in its class, the Atmel AVR ATMega328 that the Arduino is based on is not powerful enough to read and decode MP3s on the fly, and neither would decoder ICs be cost-effective for this project. The final decision was to use specially encoded, low bit-rate audio files stored on an SD Card.

And then… the prototype.

I wasn’t satisfied with this, though. I felt the original request was too constricting, and I wanted the system to be customizable.

The new system I created could have its method of operation modified by simply swapping out the files in the root directory of the (now) microSD card.

From there, a true circuit could be designed, resulting in… this!

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