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I don’t have much to post by way of videos or images, right now. I do have a quick video of a completed unit of the first production run of the Zelda Treasure Chest developed alongside Nappin’ Kraken. You’ll find that at the bottom.

I do have some projects on the go that will be uploaded with video soon:

1. I am working on a touch-panel control box to be used with a DDR Dancing Pad alongside StepMania for a more arcade-style experience. The concept will be adapted to commercial use and residential lighting controls when it’s polished up. It may also be provided as part of a product. Visit Nappin’ Kraken’s Facebook for hints.

2. I can’t tell you exactly what it’s for, but I’m also working on a specially designed and built hazer for a local cosplayer. This is essentially a fog-making machine but developed to be integrated in to a costume. Oh no! I’ve said too much. After the initial debut, this system will be available for commission as a kit.

3. I’m also working on a robotic wing skeleton for a costume that I intend on making myself for my first cosplay next convention season. I’m not 100% certain if this will be based on a specific anime character or not. These wings will also be available for commission or as kits after their official d├ębut.

There are a few other projects that I have on the go, but I want them to be s surprise when the video is launched. Also, expect some video blogging to happen soon once I’ve cleaned up my workstation and desk a little bit. I may also do some blogs “on location.”

Until then… video! The next production run will be starting shortly. Until then, the product is marked as Coming Soon by Nappin’ Kraken. I’ll post an update when it relaunches.

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